Fashion stylist and designer, Tavarrick Haygood, brings the world of fashion straight to the surrounding Miami and Houston area. Haygood has worked diligently in the fashion industry for more than seven years. As of late, Haygood has channeled all of his experience towards Personal Styling and the birthing of his clothing line, Demsey Detre LLC.

Mr. Haygood has designed his business with the goal of helping individuals define their own distinctive image and style. Haygood re-creates his clients’ looks by streamlining, supplementing and styling their wardrobe. As a designer, his brand will produce intricate designs of the highest quality with impeccable attention to detail. It brings influential, innovative, and impactful products to the fashion industry. 

Haygood's overall approach can best be described as positive, honest, attentive, and sincere. These traits not only allow him to become attuned to others' needs but also helps him to build authentic relationships with his clients.

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